Work & Safety


First and foremost, Safety is at the start of everything we do at Matrix. From our initial site meetings, to our work plans, to our closeout documentation, we strive to provide a safe working, living and learning environment for all we come in contact with.

Matrix constantly reviews our work practices to ensure that the projects we complete offer the most up to date processes, technologies and safety precautions that the industry can offer.


At the core of our values at Matrix is the protection of our employees and the safety of our jobsites. At every level of our company, we understand the consequences of unsafe work practices and they are never tolerated.

Matrix employs a full time, dedicated Safety Manager that has no other corporate responsibilities beyond safety. Safe jobsites don’t just happen, they are planned and earned.

As part of our continuing efforts to improve our safety, Matrix has implemented many programs, including:

In addition to standard work plans and SSSP’s, Matrix starts every project with additional safety planning including:

  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Daily pre-task planning
  • Structural engineering for demolition plans when applicable

Each project gets a full safety inspection by our Safety Manager at least once a week. The results of these inspections are shared with all managers of Matrix.

Matrix has created a tailgate training system of standardized topics that ensures all employees are receiving safety training that is both appropriate the work site and inclusive of all needed topics. Our tailgate meetings are held once a week, exceeding OSHA requirements.

All employees of Matrix are required to complete in office safety training upon hire and once a quarter after that. This training includes items such as ladder safety, lock-out tag-out, power tools, confined space entry and heat awareness.

All Matrix supervisors must be OSHA 30 certified.

All other field employees are required to have OSHA 10 Certifications.

Matrix also provides many other safety training programs, including, but not limited to:

  • Asbestos Training
  • Lead Training
  • Forklift Certification
  • Lift Training
  • Scaffold Training
  • Fall Protection
  • Equipment Specific Training

Platform for Questions, Suggestions, and Concerns

Matrix Environmental, Inc. priorities continuous improvement in all that we do. We want our employees to have a quality experience and value your feedback.

  • Feedback can be shared anonymously
  • Information will be sent to Human Resources

*Note if feedback is shared anonymously, we will be unable to reach out for clarification on the matter and we will be unable to follow up on how it was addressed.

You may also reach out to Human Resources directly by contacting Sarah Shadle at

Plataforma de Preguntas, Sugerencias e Inquietudes

Matrix Environmental, Inc. prioriza la mejora continua en todo lo que hacemos. Queremos que nuestros empleados tengan una experiencia de calidad y valoramos sus comentarios.

  • Los comentarios se pueden compartir de forma anónima
  • La información será enviada a Recursos Humanos

*Tenga en cuenta que si los comentarios se comparten de forma anónima, no podremos comunicarnos para obtener una aclaración sobre el asunto y no podremos hacer un seguimiento de cómo se abordó.

También puede comunicarse directamente con Recursos Humanos comunicándose con Sarah Shadle en

At Matrix we always understand that putting safety first is always the best plan.