What is Lead Abatement?

For those unfamiliar with lead abatement, it is the safe removal of lead-based paint hazards. Unfortunately, lead was a popular ingredient in paint for many years, before it was known that this material is linked to a wide range of health problems. Today, it’s common for buildings and infrastructures to remove the lead via lead abatement.

At Matrix Environmental, we’ve been providing lead abatement services since 1994. We primarily focus on commercial, government and industrial projects. When you need lead abatement, you want it done by experts who know exactly what they are doing and will safely handle all aspects of the lead abatement procedure. That’s what you can expect from Matrix Environmental.

What are the Risks Associated with Lead Exposure?

Lead toxicity can happen to anyone, but children who are six years or younger are especially vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure because they might crawl on the floor, touch painted walls or even eat old paint chips. Since their bodies are growing, the toxins are more potent and can lead to brain damage, impaired growth, hearing problems and more.

In adults, exposure to lead-based paint can lead to seizures, reproductive problems, hypertension, high blood pressure, memory loss, nerve disorders and chronic pain. Having a proper lead abatement performed by Matrix Environmental can help eliminate the risk being exposed to such a toxic element.

The Lead Abatement Process

Lead abatement is the careful and thorough process of assessing all lead-based paint risks and then safely removing any harmful materials from within a structure. It is generally ordered by a state or local government because it requires specialized techniques that are beyond typical building renovation processes. It requires special equipment and procedures from certified lead abatement practitioners.

Along with this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highly regulates lead abatement providers. Individuals must be properly trained and complete a proficiency exam to satisfy EPA requirements. Fortunately, Matrix Environmental is certified in lead abatement on a company level and all of our lead abatement practitioners are also EPA certified.

“Lead-based paint activities” include inspection, risk assessment, and abatement, and should not be performed by anyone other than a certified lead abatement specialist like Matrix Environmental. We’ll get the job done right with the safe removal and proper disposal of any dangerous lead-based materials.

To learn more about lead abatement services at Matrix Environmental, contact us today at (562) 236-2704.