Matrix Environmental recently completed a major demolition project at the UCLA Community Health Sciences facility. It was a $2.2 million project that proved to be a complex demolition. To ensure the safety of UCLA students and staff, the developers hired Matrix Environmental to make sure the demolition work was done properly.

Demolition at an Active Facility

Safety is always the number one priority for Matrix when it comes to a significant and complex demolition project such as this one. We need to always ensure that no hazardous materials from the old structures are released into the air and that everything is disposed of properly.

One of the trickiest aspects of this project was that this is an active educational and research facility, so the Matrix team had to plan and work around the daily activities happening at such a busy medical institute. Many demolition projects are on structures no longer in use or being torn down to rebuild or renovate, so working at an active facility presents some additional challenges.

The demolition project was done in order to allow for structural reinforcements to be made by another contractor. Matrix was contracted to complete the demolition of concrete at specific joint lines and encased beams. Ultimately, over 100 different locations at the CHS facility needed to be addressed. It was careful and precise work, but Matrix was up to the task. We were able to get everything completed on schedule with minimal disruption to this UCLA learning facility, its staff and its students.

Safety is Our Priority

Whenever there are safety hazards or hazardous material involved in a demolition project, make sure to have an expert like Matrix Environmental on your side. You can check out our blog to see more case studies like this one, which will give you a good idea of our track record of quality work and exceptional performance.

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