Water Contamination 101: What Are the Effects and Why is Remediation Needed?

As a landowner, the effects of contaminated groundwater or surface water can be severe. Whether the property is being used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, or for mining, livestock, or agriculture, pollutants in the water can be harmful to the environment, plants, animals or people that come into contact with it. Infections, illnesses and diseases can easily be transmitted through contaminated water sources.

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How Does Soil Become Contaminated?

Soil contamination is a serious problem. Whether it’s on a residential, commercial or industrial property, it happens when man-made chemicals come into contact with previously clean soil. These contaminants can do damage to the land, the environment and any people, animals or plants that come in contact. Groundwater (and ultimately drinking water) can also be negatively impacted by contaminated soil.

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The Importance of Environmental Remediation

Whether you want to buy or sell land for commercial development, need structural demolition or are working on a major renovation, environmental remediation is a necessary part of your plan. It is required by law based on EPA regulations for the simple reason that dealing with any contaminated land will present major problems for you and your organization.

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