Abatement and Demolition


Matrix had its start as an Asbestos Abatement company. This birth has resulted in asbestos training and work practices being included in all work that we complete. Our founder was one of the pioneers of the Asbestos Abatement industry in the 1980’s and that knowledge has been disseminated to every level of our organization.

We have completed projects of every type; from large scale projects to simple. Our team at Matrix will complete your project safely using the latest technology and regulations. We have never been cited for a regulatory violation and always perform to the highest levels of expectations.

You can be assured that with Matrix on your team as your Asbestos Abatement Contractor, your project will be completed safety, on time and on budget.


Matrix was a pioneering company in the Lead Abatement Industry, being one of the first certified lead firms in California. Our knowledge and safety measures when it comes to Lead has allowed us to infuse lead safe work practices into all other work we perform, creating an additional layer of security for our clients safety.


At Matrix, we have found that environmental construction and demolition run hand in hand. While many companies can only provide one service or the other, Matrix can provide a seamless, turn-key solution for your project. This ability takes the pressure off of our clients and lets them feel secure that there are not any scope gaps or overlap when putting their project team together.

Matrix can complete demolition of any size, from simple tenant improvement projects to large, complex multiple phase demolition projects.

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