The Importance of Removing Contaminated Soils from Your Property

During construction or demolition, finding contaminated soil is a common part of our practice. Motor vehicle accidents, waste disposal, chemical spills, and lead paint are all contributing factors to tainted soil. For this reason, Matrix Environmental provides soil remediation services to reduce contaminants to acceptable levels, essentially allowing you to use your site without causing environmental risks.

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Matrix Environmental Completes Demolition of Decommissioned Concrete Plant

In 2017, Matrix Environmental was hired to complete a major site demolition project that would allow for redevelopment of a commercial property. The original site was a decommissioned concrete plant. All of the structures had to be removed and properly demolished in order to allow for future excavation and construction of new structures on the property.

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Safety First: Here’s How Matrix Practices Safe Demolition Methods

At Matrix Environmental, safety is always our number one priority. It is the main focus from day one of any demolition project through the completion of the job. We value the safety of our workers and anyone who comes in contact with the site before, during and after the demolition and abatement procedures are completed. Unsafe working conditions are never tolerated at Matrix Environmental and our track record of safety speaks for itself.

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Matrix Environmental Takes the Lead on United Airlines Hangar Demolition Project

A few years back, United Airlines was undergoing a major renovation project of its hangars. They were retrofitting all of the structural elements and making upgrades to their buildings. Before they could start any new construction, however, they needed to complete the demolition of the old hangar structures. That’s when those involved with the project reached out to Matrix Environmental for help.

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5 Reasons Why Lead Abatement Matters

When it comes to having a healthy place to live or work, lead abatement is a key factor in making sure that happens. The element can be found in many older structures where lead-based paint was commonly used in construction along with other potentially hazardous materials such as asbestos. Removing lead-based materials safely and properly from any building is vital to any demolition or construction project. Here’s why:

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6 Things Property Managers Should Know About Mold Remediation

We at Matrix Environmental know that as a property manager, there are several items on your radar to be concerned about. One of the biggest threats to a commercial or retail property is mold. Any number of things can cause it, including burst pipes, small water leaks, slab leaks and roof leaks. Basically, any water that gets where it shouldn’t, can easily lead to mold, which is often not easily detected.

Because of this, it’s always a good idea to know a few things about dealing with mold. Below are six things property managers should know when it comes to mold remediation.

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